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What are Hot and Cold Slots?

Hot and cold slots are described as machines respectively which either give winning results fast or with much more difficulty. There are many theories with regards to such slots prevalent among the gamblers. Those who frequent the casinos are confident that they are able to accurately predict the behavior of a slot machine.
How much grain of truth there is in the accuracy of their predictions is a complete matter of debate. Whatever the reality is, one thing is for sure, no machine is going to pay out continuously nor is it going to remain unresponsive for long. Also the introduction of computerized machines has changed the equations completely nowadays, but you’ll find it cozy and safe at
In order to ensure the chances of winning and accurately predict hot and cold slots, the experienced casino players study various indications. They count the symbols, number of spins and also the times after which a right combination comes up, spewing forth money.
Since it works for them and helps them to win, there is simply no deterring them from their deep seated belief. Basically a slot machine is a game of chance and nothing can come out of thinking otherwise.
As far as the concept of hot and cold slots goes, it is believed that in the hot machines the frequency of winning numbers is more and the opposite is true for the cold ones. Casinos using the loose or the hot machines do it for the exact purpose of attracting more and more players to their establishment.
Hot/cold slots, is it a myth?
With the advent of computerized machines and their increased use throughout the casinos everywhere, the concept of the hot and cold slots may surely appear a myth. The older manual versions may have worked predictably but nowadays these are glorified computers and as such give results randomly and continuously.
There is a random number generator software inside which spews forth the numbers in succession, till one hits the jackpot. Here every spin brings with it an equal chance of winning for the players.
There are no prior or successive influences ever in such a concept. In such a scenario one can simply forget about hot and cold slots. Because here every second brings with it different results, and if somebody does win it means that they are plain lucky and nothing else.
Basic rule of wagering irrespective of hot/cold slots:
Whether or not you are dealing with hot and cold slots some things need to be kept in mind when playing at these machines. This is especially true when you really wish to increase your chances of winning or more accurately cut back on the losses. The very best thing to do would be to stick to a specific wager come rain or shine.
Which means that based on your capability to spend, fix an amount which you are going to put at stake. That way when you are dealing with a so called hot machine make as much money as you can. And even when the dry patch comes you are not going to be hit hard.