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Secure online shuffling

Probability of cheating

Every experienced gambler is aware of possibility of cheating at land based casinos as well as at online casinos. A professional card shuffler can easily cheat on beginners and players who aren`t heed their attention during the game. Frankly speaking the cases of, for instance, poker cheating at land casinos by players are much more frequent than by dealers or other casino employees, but what about online gambling sites? Thus, it is always useful to know about secure online shuffling.

Safe online shuffling

If you decide to play a card game set your security on the first place among things you should bother about, remember that you deserve only honest and safe game. You need to be sure that the shuffling technique performed to you at online casino is totally secured and provide the high level of deck randomization.

The way it works

secure online shufflingFirst of all you have to understand how it is work. When hands can`t perform the shuffle any more the algorithm does the job. It takes fifty two elements and replaces them randomly. This procedure was called Random Number Generator (RNG). The deck of card is represented virtually by seed (variable) that is a result of 52 random numbers.

The shuffling security is dependent on the variable`s size and seed`s encryption is the same as the document encryption. For your security level improving you need to check the type of RNG, as linear kind of its precipitates predictability while the non-linear may be jug-handled. The last is the key source. We suggest you to look for a casual data source. Then after taking in account our recommendations and advice fearlessly play your favorite game!

Online shuffle

So, now you are aware of variable that is named "seed" and produces fifty two random numbers which represent the cards in a deck. The size of a seed is the main point for secure shuffling. RNG is the one more factor, precisely speaking its type is. And the last point to be checked is a key source.

During the security check the 226 bits seed can be appropriate for all imaginable shuffles. It is also better to use the non-linear type of RNG as the linear one is designed exactly for simulation or encryption.

As for the key source, the casual source of data is closed system radioactive decade, background noise and hardware devices.

It is hard to judge the whole gambling site considering its security system but you can easily state the level of quality of safety by notice of some exact faults. And you should always remember one main rule: the more precise information is given by a site about their security, the more confident in this question they are.