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Poker Card Shuffling

Shuffling is a common method widely used at land based casinos and online casinos with a purpose to randomize a deck of card before a game and reduce the possibility of cheating and card counting. Poker is one of the most popular casino games all over the world. Poker card shuffler can perform different techniques as riffle shuffle or weave shuffle review or any other that might be performed by a deck. Thus, speaking of shuffling in card games like poker it will be more reasonable to talk about shuffling chips.

Shuffling poker chips

First steps

Shuffling poker chips can seem complicated at first glance but with more practice it becomes easier. To do the first steps in learning use the soft surface, for instance couch or pillow. The following instructions are for right handed people, so you can do vice versa if you are left handed.

It is better to use four or five chips on both sides for the beginning. Put your middle finger and an index one on the left stack and your pinky and ring finger should be on the right stack. The thumb begins to act on the left of right stack and lift it slightly since stacks are pushed to each other. When the lifting process has been started slide over your thumb to the right side of the right part to push those 2 stacks together. As you can see on the soft surface your thumb can remain on the right side of right stack all the time as the starting lift occurs by easily pushing two stacks to each other.

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It is not a big secret that most people might stumble at first steps of this practice and consider it to be beyond their powers, but the main think is not to stop at this stage. When you get into the way of shuffling chips your skill will be improving more and more and you can be sure that it`ll raise a lot.

Poker cheating

Back on topic about cards shuffling at poker we can`t but mention about cheating at poker. Apart from already known ways of cheating as marked cards and the cold deck, there are also methods to cheat during dealing. In fact not only players at casino might try to cheat and gain an advantage in a game, but dealers can also trick the players and casino by False Shuffling, for example, or False dealing. Of course nowadays the cases of dealer`s cheating occur very rarely but still players should be on their guard against it.