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Blackjack Dealer Cheating at Casino

All reputable casinos are very anxious about the incidents of cheating that may happen at their casino. Thus, they set different types of cameras, detectors and other technical equipment that is aimed on indication of cheaters. Contrary, any casino can`t cheat its players. Otherwise their casino license will be taken away and the establishments will be definitely shut down. However, there is still one casino dealer from ten that tries to cheat players using various methods and techniques.

We don`t want to generalize so it`ll be fairly to say that the possibility of cheating for both sides (players and casino employees) is mainly dependant on casino type and where it is situated. For instance, dealers will never cheat at Vegas casinos or in other famous and reputable places, because they are highly protected and their security system excludes even the possibility of fraud. At the same time there is a common phenomenon when the cheating occurs at small casinos or on tourist liners.

blackjack dealer cheating

Blackjack cheating

There are many card games at casinos and all of them have the definite invented techniques of cheating. Nevertheless, it is possible to single out one game where chances of cheating are much higher than in other card games - blackjack. During this game a player and a dealer are holding one-on-one game so it`s much easier for dealer, for example, to cheat one player than several players.

High low cheating

The high low pick up is not really common way to cheat especially today. It can be properly performed only in situation when there are lots of players around, noisy atmosphere and nobody pays attention on the way dealer shuffles cards. In this method of cheating the false deck is used. The dealer has simply to pretend he shuffle cards when in fact he thoroughly watches the cards in a deck not to change their position.

The second deal

Second deal is one of the ways of cheating that frequently applies at blackjack. Usually in case of second dealing a dealer collaborate with a player with a purpose to share the earnings later. The trick is that during the process of cards shuffle dealer peeks on the top card in a deck and shuffle cards in such manner that it remains the same at the same position. This method is very hard to be detected if it is done properly.