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Blackjack Dealer

If you decide to start your career at casino as a dealer you need to choose the particular game which you`d like to deal with. For instance, a blackjack dealer is rather good choice but you`ll have to find good requirements at casino that offer such vacancy.

For example, blackjack dealer vacancies are popular in live casino game provider companies such as Evolution or Microgaming. To see how live dealers performing you can try playing live casino at Jackwin

Job requirements

blackjack dealer

Requirements for blackjack dealers can be various and depend on certain casino. Mainly most casinos require their candidates to be graduated students of casino dealer school. There are lots of casinos that have their own courses or schools to prepare professionals. If you decide on the particular casino you need to fill their application and follow their requirements. In case you have already some experience at some casino then you may have an advantage over other people interested in this job.

Some casinos insist on attending their in-house trainings which commonly lasts approximately two weeks, but this aspect may vary from one casino to another. Sometimes you probably need to show your skills at audition before you get a job as blackjack dealer. It means that you need to apply all your knowledge during the live action game. Then everything depends on the audition`s results. If you`ve showed good technique you`ll generally be hired and begin your career as the blackjack dealer.

Work hours

This aspect is very unstable and variable. However, no matter what casino you`ll choose, be ready to work long hours. Sometimes blackjack dealers work ten hours a day and it`s not a surprise that they work in two or even three shifts. Such hard days casinos call 'mandatory overtime'. This means that when casino is busy and there are not enough of working hands they call you up and you are obliged to work even if you have your day-off. Contrary to this, sometimes there may be days when a casino is not really busy and you are sent home much earlier.

To be a professional

To become a successful blackjack dealer the most important you have to learn is good communication skills as much of your time you`ll spend in communication with different people. Be nice and polite to all your clients and treat with an appreciation your regular visitors.

Every dealer should count quickly: being a professional blackjack dealer demands good skills in math. You should be able to count chips, handle money and manage the game according to all rules.

In every casino a blackjack dealer can make different amount of money. It generally depends on place you work at but everywhere the salary doesn`t play a big role comparably to tips you may get. It is not a big secret that a good dealer can earn $75,000 per year working at good casino.

If you are going to be a dealer, forget about cheating. Nowadays blackjack dealer cheating as well as any other`s dealer is very easy to detect. It is more likely that with an attempt of cheating you`ll gain more problems and lose your job.