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Casino Dealer

Frankly speaking, casino dealer is a really hard job as well as online dealer`s. This profession has its cons and pros the same as any other, but apparently it`s a little bit more disadvantages than anywhere else. On the other hand casino dealers seem to be real devotees to their occupation and this is the main force that attracts more employees to casino. This is not the online slots where you are alone mastering over the odds.

Dealer`s duties

dealers at casino

The main mission of every casino dealer is to manage the process of a game at the casino table. Apart from this dealers carry responsibility for every aspect of the game and should keep an eye on players` actions during a game to reduce the probability of casino cheating.

The professional dealer should be aware of every step of the game he deals with; he should know all rules and peculiarities of it to avoid uncomfortable situations during serving the clients. As the most part of casino dealer jobs is connected with card games it is also necessary for every casino dealer to learn different card shufflers techniques. To shuffle cards is very important process since it provides the honest card game via good randomization of a deck. There are innumerable ways to shuffle cards and it is really complicated to know all of them and to perform them successfully. However, every dealer should professionally perform all simple methods of shuffling and master about five difficult but sophisticated techniques.

Dealer`s profit

Often the profession of casino dealer can be compared with waiter in a sense of their salary. The thing is that casinos usually offer a very low wage for dealers with the existing knowledge that they have pretty high chances to gain profitable tips from casino clients. This statement is partially true, because it depends on how professional the dealer is and how skillfully he manages a game.

Apart from necessary professionalism that has great influence on dealer`s tips, there is also the communication point. The dealer should clearly understand that it is possible to meet and to deal with different people during the work hours. So the main rule is to be always polite and calm with every casino player. The simply nice communication without any doubt will raise the probability of high tips.