Randomization Process

Cards shuffle is a process of cards randomization for the provision of proper elements of chance in a honest card game. In case the good randomization in not provided players can easily cheat by predicting the cards that appear during the game process, so be aware of a proper randomization especially if you play for money.

There is a huge quantity of shuffling techniques, among which the most typical technique is a riffle shuffle.

Riffling alone has its flaws because the cards in the top section of the deck could remain in the same position if the deck is not cut evenly.

For the above reasons, a proper shuffle combines Riffling with one more technique called Strip shuffle. The strip technique represents the removing of small groups of cards from the top (or bottom) of the deck and placed on the contrary opposite side (bottom-to-top or top-to-bottom). The combining of these two techniques (riffle & strip) and provide really good randomization of the deck. Generally dealers at casinos use this method and perform several strips between three or more riffles. That is why it was named 'Casino Dealer's Combination'.

Casino cheating

Players often overestimate their skills in sense they can easily cheat a casino systems or casino employees. The process of cards shuffling is the moment that is the most appropriate for casino cheating. There are several variants to cheat: marked cards, Faro shuffle, second dealing, and all of them require the skill called Sleight-of-Hand.

RNG problem

The Shuffle Tech is probably the most respective and time-tested company that offer the wide range of card shuffling machines. They have refused to use the RNG (random number generator) which is based on computer programs for shuffling and sorting cards at casino and home card games and different tournaments. For example, in the online slots there is no RNG, but in the land one it always exists. Automatic random number generators or shuffling m machines are acceptable and convenient in regulated secured environments but in environments which are not properly secured it is very easy to change the installed program for any IT professional and to change the order of cards in a deck for their benefit.

Usually shuffling machines based on the principle of random number generator have a design and coded functions that allow recognizing the value of all cards in a deck that is shuffled within a machine. The advantage of it is that you can always count the cards and be sure that the full deck is used. Contrary, the system may be completely changed or partially by an operator who will control the deck as a result.