Card Manipulation and Card Tricks

Dealing with cards

There are many people all over the world that perfectly deal with a deck of cards. We are used to this if it is performed at casino by professional dealers or by players who are fond of card games at home with an appropriate friendly atmosphere and can show the great shuffling technique for instance. However, there are also people that consider card manipulation to be their profession.

From time immemorial till now

Playing cards in its contemporary form have been around for approximately two hundred years, but different techniques applied to the way they handle today come from time immemorial. Ancient people have honed their skills with weapons, tools and devices of all types by exploring movements and shapes in various manner differed from the one they used.

All timeless techniques from small object manipulations to playing cards have helped to discover fanning, spectacular two-handed and one-handed cuts, twirling, throwing and spinning cards, and other basics of the popular movements that can be seen today. Today Extreme Card Manipulation gains huge popularity and proceeds its developing. Moreover, everybody can learn such cards shuffle types and perform them successfully.

Card magic

Card magic can be treated as a part of conjuring which involves a deck of cards to create special magical effects. Since early ages magicians have performed 'magic' by demonstrating innumerable illusions with a help of cards, including card tricks that actually depend only on sleight of hand. All of card tricks can be divided into groups and follow approximately one hundred basic rules and techniques.

Sleight of hand

Sleight of hand is also known as legerdemain and prestidigitation ('quick fingers'). There is no separate branch of magic devoted to the sleight of hand but it is widely used in different tricks including those with a card deck. Advanced prestidigitation requires months and sometimes even years of practice and training before it can be performed for an audience. The skills of prestidigitation frequently used by card shufflers, especially by cheaters who act for their benefit during the game.