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Cutting cards
cutting cards

Cutting cards is a significant part of the randomization process or, in other words, card shuffling.

The cutting process itself was invented during the World War II by John Scarne with the aim to avoid cheating.

Well, it is still partially works for the same purpose. However, today we have much more methods to cut the deck which should be known by gamblers. The knowledge of cutting cards is not necessary at online casinos games and not so much as in online slots.


Become a Dealer
become a dealer

The profession of casino dealer has its pros and cons as well as any other job. We are ready to disclose all bad and good aspects of this work and to make you familiar with its peculiarities. You will learn all game tips popular in online casinos and gambling rooms, just do not forget to use them!

There are many young people who want to become professional dealers. The purpose of this article is to explain how and where is better to learn all necessary basics in the varieties of casinos online.

But, bear in mind that all unpleasant features we are going to name shouldn't scare you away. Many online casinos need a long record of a player putting money into their games before they release any bonuses. Online casinos are a bit more lenient when it comes to this, so getting an internet casino bonus is a piece of cake.


All you need to know about Casino Wagering Requirements

Due to the online casinos generosity and rules, players are eligible to use free money in Exchange for Signup. Thus, this is a great way to gain confidence and become an expert. Master your gambling skills and get going. You will be soon ready to play for real money.


A big choice of games to play at Jackpotjoy casino

Whether you’re a card game freak, love playing table games such as roulette, or just can’t make it through the day without your fix of online bingo, the range of games available at Jackpotjoy casino and gaming site is wide enough to please any online gamer.