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Shuffle Review of the Weave Technique

Cards shuffling

There are plenty ways to shuffle cards and each of them is not so complicated as it seems at first glance. The main thing is to divide the whole process into steps and learn them one by one. Then after some practice, be sure, you will easily show any type of shuffling.

Everybody knows that the main purpose of shuffling cards is to provide the qualitative and fair game by randomization of a deck. One more way to shuffle cards is known as weaving or butting the cards together. Weave shuffle can be characterize by simple movements of hands and really good randomization. The weave method is very good to practice with a deck for those card players whose technique is not good enough to perform a riffle shuffle, for example.

weave technique

Weave technique

First of all the weave method is held different it looks a little nicer though. You are going to hold the deck with two fingers - ring finger and middle finger on the bottom and thumb on top. The index finger is going to split the top of the deck into two parts. It is also aimed to push down and deliver those cards into the middle finger, ring finger and the thumb of the other hand. Thus, they are mirrored but they are just reverse mirrored.

The next is going to happen they will bring those two parts together and butt them up in friend and they shuffle their selves together and you can just continue with the waterfall or push them in. The main reason why it works and how it happens is the pressure of butting of the cards would actually separate them because will proceed to continue to go forward. Thus when you split you just peel back a part that looks like a half. After you push they come out the back and you can grab them with your hand. When they come together it appears to be possible to do the squaring action, so you square the top and you square the bottom. You can do it another way - you can square these parts and butt them together. With a help of pressure they`ll go through and you shuffle up. As you can see, it is a little bit more complicated than overhand shuffle but it is possible to learn weave and to perform it.