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Various Techniques Performed by Card Shufflers

Casino dealer job

When you come at casino to play the card game you don`t need to bother about different organizational aspects of the game. Usually casino provides their players with professional assistants, called dealers. Casino dealer job has its cons and pros but just as any other occupation the most important thing that is required from casino dealer is to be very accurate, professional and honest.

dealer job

Dealer`s duties

First of all a dealer is responsible for all stuff that helps player to plunge into the atmosphere of gambling. Good dealer should be aware of all rules, terms and conditions of bonuses to be able to give immediate consultation to those players that have problems with understanding of some hazy issues. Finally, a dealer is a person who manages the game for players.

Card shuffling

Speaking of casino dealers that work with card games one of their main duties is to provide the qualitative and honest game via proper randomization of a deck. Actually it is always look like a certain performance with cards, a spectacular show that can even attract more players at the table. Every respective casino dealer should skillfully perform different methods of cards shuffle. Those card players that are aware of advantages and disadvantages of different methods can easily ask to apply to the game some particular type of shuffling or combinations of several types.

Shuffling techniques

There are many different ways to perform card shuffling. All of them are easy to be learnt by dealers and by players as well. Without any doubt there are some complicated techniques that are taught only by professionals at casino or by devotees of cards for their own satisfaction. But on our site you`ll find the information on the most common methods with detailed descriptions for you to understand a technique.

To the easiest shuffling techniques the overhand shuffle and hindu shuffle might be referred. We`d recommend you to practice in these two methods before trying the riffle shuffle or the weave one, for example. Cutting cards is the process that should be properly performed by dealers (if necessary) as well as by players. Every player cuts the deck by himself while a dealer performs the shuffling. The strip shuffle also is based on the cutting of a deck thus it is important to be aware of different aspects of cutting.

Apart from casino some people that are skillful in shuffling and can easily show different techniques earn their living by card manipulation. They actually frequently call their show a performance of magic and as their hand dexterity is perfect it really looks like magic. Watching the fabulous show is enjoyable but don`t let them to trick you.