Online Gambling Algorithm

It`s not a big secret that innumerable security systems and various encryptions are used by online gambling sites (precisely speaking poker sites) with a purpose to avoid casino cheating from colluders, poker bots and live players. However, probably the only thing they cannot protect is a deterministic algorithm used by them in the software which plays the main role in the consequence of hands. Thus, every person who knows this algorithm may without extra efforts win much more playing online card game.

The reason of using an algorithm

Initially online gambling sites didn`t need to use additional algorithms along with the simple usage of the RNG (random number generator) that was able to perform fair shuffle with proper randomization and the accurate game at first glance at least. However, with the course of time, in 2001, when several IT professionals had exposed some flaws of RNG and lack of ability to produce the corresponding number of the random decks, (as a result making easier to predict the turn, flop, river). That's why online poker sites have decided to change the system.

When this problem disappeared after corresponding changes of RNG`s seed and it began to produce wider variety of deck sequences, online sites faced the next problem - cheating and collusion of players.It rarely happens in online slots, but it's important knowledge for everybody. The new problem had a solution in setting different algorithms which would produce a honest game by declining colluding - deterministic algorithms.

Constant Bad Beats

Together with implementation of the algorithms in question which were aimed on stopping the colluders made a new obstacle that lies in removing probability and statistics of the game. Actually in that case the player had a little bit less than hundred percent chance of winning in live play. If a board is finished out 10 J or flushed cards and a player loses to a flush (straight) by an opponent it is called a bad beat.

After this the probability of the winning is no longer valid during the game as the sequential algorithms are used. They replace the fair probability and indicate an outcome which is based on their own math decisions. That`s why lots of players consider online poker to be rigged.