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Hindu Shuffle One of the Simplest Methods

There are lots of people that cannot shuffle cards and it might appear to be a real problem if you play at the table which is not served by dealer. Each person can perform the overhand shuffle without an afford as it is the easiest one. But it is very important to learn lots of different techniques for casino dealers to be able to do their job. One of them is Hindu shuffle.

hindu technique

Hindu technique

This technique has its name because it has gained the most popularity in Asia and sometimes it is also called the Arab Shuffle. Hindu shuffle occupies the middle position: it is a bit more complicated than overhand but much easier than other methods of cards shuffling. Besides it is a very convenient way to shuffle cards so if you try it once and learn how to perform you`ll use it all the time.

How to perform:

First of all, remember that it is easier to do this in a proper way using your fingertips, but not the whole palm. So take the deck of cards with fingertips of your left hand. With the right hand between your middle finger and your thumb grab off a chunk of cards from the bottom (more than half). After this card division you should have the bigger part of cards in your right hand and the smaller in your left hand.

Than heed your attention on the smaller part in the left hand: it should freely lay on your palm and you are able to touch your ring finger, the middle one and the index finger easily. Then grab another chunk of cards from the deck`s top in your right hand and replace it on the top in your left hand, don't stop, one by one take small chunks from the one top and replace it on another. Keep doing this very rapidly.

A lot of people think that you need to pull out of the deck the middle chunk and put it on top and then pull out another chunk from the middle and do the same, but actually in this case you are keeping the same chunk stable in your hand the whole time. So it is better to take chunks from the top and provide randomization properly.