Card Shuffling Machines

Card shufflers

Every respective gambler need to get familiar with at least one of card shufflers techniques with the purpose to be able to manage the game by himself. However, nowadays we have innumerable devices for any type of routine work that we don`t want or don`t know how to do. Shuffling is not an exception: today people have invented the special machines that are able to perform the same quality work as professional casino dealer.

Every person today can easily purchase this Card Shuffler and use it every time he wants to play blackjack or poker. You just press the button and it shuffles the deck of cards in seconds. It is possible to shuffle two decks at the same time as there are2 slots at each sides of this device for them. Using this shuffling method you`ll protect yourself and other players from cheating as the machine do it automatically and randomly chooses all cards for dealing. Since the initial invention these machines were really big and occupied a lot of room. Now the newest upgraded versions are small and convenient.

Some people buy these machines to use them for card fortunetelling as it is much easier and faster to shuffle a deck of cards.

The techniques

There are 5 main variations on Shuffling Machine Technology. A huge number of various card-shufflers use one of the next mechanical approaches:

1) Escalators and belts. The oldest shuffle machines widely used belts and mini-elevators. The thing is that the most part of them was mechanical unit and their technology was technology was prone to mis-feeds, jams and occasional breakdowns.

2) Mechanical Fingers. The mechanical fingers stimulate the further process when you take several picks & riffle them together. During these actions those fingers are very prone to misalignment and cause jams while riffling. Many decks of cards may be just spoilt by this technique so it isn`t used now.

3) Card Transport Elevators. The disadvantage of this technique is wear-and-tear cards because of the gripping and elevating the cards; another disadvantage is its physical size.

4) Ejectors (missiles). Random Ejection Shuffler uses this technology to push the card among those cards that are not shuffled and place it in a 'receiving channels'

5) Shelves (Vertical carousels). Such machine embodies a vertical-shelf method. As a result it drops cards into the inside hoppers and one by one save them in a storage shelf for the further usage.