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Advantage gambling: shuffle tracking

Shuffle tracking is considered to be an advantageous and advanced technique where there is a series of sequent cards shuffles that a player accomplishes. Shuffle tracking is usually applied in Blackjack and Poker games. Such simple gambling games include more shuffle tracking than the others that use more complicated methods.
More often such technique is accomplished with 6 or 8 deck of cards in the shoe-dealt blackjack. There are easier shuffles than in the pitch games because of the period of time that is much less in this case. Imagine how much time you'll require to make the complicated cards shuffle! So, there won't just be any second left to realize this advanced technique of shuffle tracking!

Card counting

The main idea of the shuffle tracking is the card counting. Generally, the track of the subsections' count is kept by the player or a member of the team. Those sections at the playing table that were chosen for observation or shuffle mapping can be decided in advance These segments are usually called tracking zones. Players can follow the cards' slugs or even can guess the result having analyzed the shuffle. Also there are play zones that require counting more cards than in the tracking zone. Each player has a possibility to start cutting cards of each zone with the help of the high cards. He\she can do it also with the low cards but they have to be out of play. The ordinary shoe composition will be changed this way. You can alter your bet to receive the reflection of the changed composition.

Ace sequence

Ace sequencing is the other form of the shuffle tracking. It determines the moment of the ace dealing. If a player is sure that he\she will be given the ace as the first card, he will receive the high advantage (50, 43%). In general each player has 4\13 chance to get a blackjack and plus the odds to make a strong hand (in case he\she is not given a blackjack). The segments of discards that appear after the shuffle are really important. The player can observe the aces then, because they are located in the tray of the discard on a segment. Two or three cards of the ace's top become evident and the gambler tries to make efforts to remember them. Those cards are usually called key cards which the player always looks for after the shuffle. Thus the ace will follow the key cards and the gambler can raise his\her bet in order to get it.