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Shuffling Policy at Online and Land Based Casinos

What is Shuffling policy

Shuffling policy is very important aspect for gamblers and this point remains to be the same for live and online casinos and for traditional land based casinos as well. Under shuffling policy we don`t mean the carefulness of initial shoe shuffle, that goes without saying. What we get concerning this point is the point during the deck(s) is dealt several times and it comes to re-shuffle. Thus, where the cards are inserted by dealers after the process of cutting card?

shuffling policy

The importance of Cut card

The moment of reshuffle or where a card that was cut had been placed is decisive to player`s ability to count the cards effectively and be sure in that count. It is inappropriate in case with baccarat, which was considered to be the game where the counting appears to be impossible but it is very suitable situation for blackjack.

The gaining of mathematical edge over a casino becomes possible due to the efficient counting strategies in blackjack. However, a deal sometimes can go too deep in the shoe and this influences an extent of the advantage that may be gained.

Where a card that was cut placed in the quarter or in a back third of the shoe counter is able to permeate deep in the shoe by his counting than where a cut cards are mid shoe or towards the front.

Taking into consideration everything mentioned above here is the simple question - where do casinos cut their decks and reshuffle?