Faro shuffle technique

Faro shuffle is known as one of the methods to shuffle playing cards. This technique is not a false one and interlaces the cards in a perfect way. Imagine the deck that is split into the equal halves of 26 cards each. Afterwards they are pushed together to be interweaved in a proper way.

Performed faro shuffle

Faro shuffle is executed while the deck is cut into two equal parts. Both hands take the packs:

  • The cards are kept from above to the right hand and from below they are going to the left one.

You lift up the half of the cards with the right hand and perform a separation this way. You thumb the cards slightly and pull the packet of the left hand away from the right. Both packs of cards are crossed and hit into each other as if they are lining up. The dealer pushes them together and bends up or down. The cards will drop into each other resembling a zipper. You can add a flourish into this process if the card packets spring together because of the pressure and bending.

Controlled faro shuffle

The faro shuffle is considered to be a controlled method that doesn't randomize a deck totally. The most perfect shuffle that one can accomplish is one where the cards are interchanged fully. But if a dealer manages to do this, he\she will perform one of the most complicated tricks of a card manipulation. The shuffler will be cutting cards into two similar stacks applying right grasp. Accordingly the half decks will be pushed into each other.

In shuffle

It's one of the types of cards shuffle when the top card is moving to the other, second one, and the bottom card is moved to the other bottom card that is usually also a second card. It is known as in shuffle. If a dealer wants to perform the best in-shuffle, he\she has to reverse the deck order of 36 shuffles and thus turn it back to the original order.

Out shuffle

It is a kind of the faro shuffle that leaves the top card above and the bottom card in the original place - below. If a dealer wants to shoe the best and the most perfect out shuffle, he\she has to accomplish 8 out-shuffles with a deck of 52 cards that will be turned back to its original chain. A faro shuffle is considered to be one of the elements of the symmetric group in mathematics.