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Online Casino Baccarat

Many people enjoy playing Baccarat at real and online casinos. It is a very old and traditional game with a history that reaches back to fifteenth century Italy.

The game is often associated with high rollers who think nothing of betting well over £10,000 on every hand. The reason for this popularity is that the house edge, the amount of money that the casino keeps for itself as a percentage of the stakes place, is very small. So if you are to bet hundreds of thousands of pounds on the game you wouldn’t lose too much to the casino. Of course you can play for low stakes too; the majority of online players fall into the category of low to medium stake players.

There are various versions of the basic game and they have different names. As well as traditional baccarat there is Chemin de Fer, Punto Banco and Baccarat Banquet and each version is subtly different.

All the games are characterised by a set of highly complex rules and instructions that you really don’t need to know or even understand. That is because they are carried out automatically online, and at a real casino by the dealer. In most versions of the game you don’t even touch any cards; you simply place your bet, try it out at online casino to see what we mean.

There are three possible bets: on the dealer, on the player, or on a tie. Once you have placed your bet cards are dealt. Depending on their actual and relative values, additional cards may or may not be dealt. Ultimately the winner of the game is the one whose score is closest to nine. And the score is that last digit of the total count. For instance, if the dealer’s two cards were 7 and 8 the total count would be 15 and the actual score 5. If the player’s two cards were 10 and 7 then the total count would be 17 and the actual score 7. Thus the player would win and any bets on the player would pay out.

Payouts are almost evens for player and banker bets and 8 to 1 on tie bets.