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A big choice of games to play at online casino

Whether you’re a card game freak, love playing table games such as roulette, or just can’t make it through the day without your fix of online bingo, the range of games available at online casino and gaming site is wide enough to please any online gamer. There are many good UK online websites and many people who initially were attracted to the site because of bingo have now found that there is a whole host of casino classics and other games to play there.

But bingo still registers as the most popular category of games played on the site. There’s a choice on different bingo games, that include 90 ball bingo – the most popular version of the game in the UK traditional bingo halls - and 75 ball bingo, which is much more often played in the US. Some people like playing online casino and bingo games just for fun, but most of the players on the online casino site are there because of the amazing cash prizes that many of the games now offer.

So as the choice of games is wide in online casinos, you can always decide which room to play in according to how much you want to spend per card. For example, in the Tiki room, cards start from as little as 1p, while in the Diamond room cards are 50p. As well as huge jackpots to play for, there are lots of mini-games where you have the chance to win cash in between games of bingo. And if you enjoy using the Chat facility while you’re playing, you can also enter real money Chat games where you might win cash for free. Of course, you can always move out of the bingo rooms and play casino games, lotto or video poker instead.

The aim of 75 ball bingo in online casinos is to complete a particular pattern, which pops up at the start of each round. So, for example, you might need to mark off all the numbers to complete a love heart shape. The grid is 5x5, and the 24 numbers on the grid range from 1 to 25. To win, you need to complete the pattern or achieve a Blackout – where you mark off all the numbers on your card.

Part of the appeal of playing online bingo on casino sites is that the computer does the hard work for you, marking off the numbers as they are called out, so there’s no danger of losing concentration and missing a win. While the numbers are being called, this leaves you free to chat to other players, so it’s really quite a sociable game. And there’s always the option of going to play a few rounds of your casino favourites for a while, and then returning to play bingo again without leaving the site.