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3 Best Slot Machines Types

3 Best Slot Machines Types

Slots that are also known under the name slot machines, fruit machines, and pokies are popular all over the world. They have extremely simple rules of playing, and even a child can easily play them. There are no complicated strategies involved to hit a win, and in most cases it is enough to be a lucky guy to become a winner of the highest prize.

During the last century, slot machines have gained huge popularity, and with the improvement of technologies this game obtained some of the features that made it the most frequently played game worldwide. Even original versions of slot machines are popular now, though they do not have those features that have been added when first video slot machine games appeared. Slots games are now provided by all the major casino software providers, Including Playtech and Net Entertainment. Still, one of the leaders among slots game providers Microgaming. Just in case you’d like to check the most abundant slot variations, slots by Microgaming can be found here.

For the moment new casino games slots are available in various geographical destinations with an open gambling market – Australia, UK, most countries of Europe, South Africa. Concerning US, due to the latest regulations not every online casino would offer slots games to an American player. If you’re from the US, to make sure you’re playing legally, we recommend you to check this page and figure out a casino where US citizens can play slots.

Of course, for a new player it can be difficult to choose only one game to play, and with the huge number of games that are presented at online casinos, even a professional player can be a little bit confused. But it will be pretty easy to make a decision when you know which criterion you need to pay attention. So here they are.

Multi-payline Slots

Games of such type appeared with the introduction of video slot machines and they gained popularity rather quickly. Their distinctive feature is the possibility to choose the number of paylines. The matter is that traditional slot machines had only one payline and the chances of winning even the lowest reward were quite low. In multi-payline machines number of winning lines may be different, starting from 2 and up to 50. They say that there exist slot machines that have even 200 paylines! The bigger number of paylines is used during the game, the higher the chances to win a prize are.

Bonus Slots

This type of games also appeared with first video slots or video poker machines. Today this type of slots is loved by all players, as except for the traditional slots game you can enjoy some additional game rounds. In some cases bonus round is presented in the form of free spins, in other cases you get a multiplier to the bet you placed. There are also games that offer bonus game for a player. These games can be of different types, for example, you may play a Wheel of Fortune game, or Click to Pick game. All of them bring rather lucrative payouts.

Progressive Slots

As you probably know, each of the slot machines offers jackpot prize for a player who hits the best combination. But jackpots can be actually of two types – progressive and non-progressive ones. Progressive jackpot is the best type of the reward that can ever be won by the player. The point is that progressive jackpot is constantly rising due to the best placed by players. A certain percentage of each bet is added to the initial sum of prize that is offered at the machine.

Slots are really great to play and you can try them at any online casino even for free. Do not waste your time and stat playing now. Good luck!