Best Loose Slot Games Available

From time to time, even the most avid card players cannot resist the temptation of the slot machine. With their dazzling lights, many reels bursting with bizarre images, accompanied by those whacky sounds when the reels get going and the lines light up – it certainly trumps many other casino games for the excitement value. The other great feature of slots is the fact that they do not require any skill particularly, so they are great if you wish to gamble without putting any thought into it. Of course regardless of whether or not the process is more passive than active, we still want some bang for our buck. So how to know where is best to play

Casino reviews

If you are headed to any of the major casino capitals of the world, like Las Vegas for example, some of the best advice on where to find slot games that pay-out well or loose as some say, can be found at sites like Yelp. There are an infinite number of reviews left by casino patrons about where the best slot machines to play are and much more. Interestingly, in the case of Las Vegas, the general consensus is that the best casinos to visit are not on the main strip. This might contradict what people generally believe about where is best to go in Las Vegas. After all – as a tourist visiting, it would be strange not to gamble on the strip. On the other hand, as with anything where tourists are present, there will always be those looking to rip them off.

Mobile Slots

The last couple of years has seen a monumental shift in the places where people like to gamble, and these days slot games played via mobile devices are leading the way by far, hence why we shall report on this. As with normal online slots that would be played on your desktop, mobile ones offer a limitless amount of fun, and huge jackpots. The progressive jackpots are certainly the thing to watch out for online, because these can keep growing for many months before it gets hit. If you take a look at Knight’s Jackpot one of the Probability games, the jackpot is now up to £120,000. It has been growing for various months now, and is waiting for some lucky player to get their hands on it. It has not been unknown in the past, for a lucky player to get his hands on a large online jackpot, and we are all waiting with excitement to see who the winner will be. There are also other types of slot game available, with less exciting jackpots, but much better game play.

One such example of a great slot game to try out is Fizz Factory. This is the latest addition to the slot games repertoire owned by the above company, and can be found at sites like Fortune Frenzy. The focus on this game, above all, has been to provide a quality gaming experience like no other - within the slots niche. By using the technology available to them, Fizz Factory introduces fantastic HD graphics and sound with symbols on the reels that jump out and burst with excitement, literally. There is also a large bonus feature implemented into the game. Fill the cola pipe to get you a bonus drop where you can quadruple your winnings, and exploding Jelly Babies are also another symbol to look out for, as these give a free extra spin. Such elements are not easily replicated on traditional slot machines, and they greatly improve the interactivity with the game. It makes the process less passive as was mentioned above.

Whatever slot game takes your fancy be sure to get value for money.